Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Corner Shelf

Good Evening.  It's Thursday and I have a fun little project to share with you.  I found this cute little corner shelf at a garage sale and I think I paid  only a couple of dollars for it.  I really liked all the scrolls and curves that were incorporated in it but I didn't really like the black color.  So here is the before picture with a couple of cans of spray paint: 
 I really debated about the color and decided not to use the two cans that were on top of the shelf.  I decided to go with a cheery red spray paint.  I really liked my daughter's use of red on her bakers shelf that she had painted a few months ago, so I copied her idea and I really liked the way it came out.  I am always surprised on how a change of paint can change a piece of furniture and make it look so different.  Here is the after picture:

 So what do you think?  Until next time, Dianne........
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  1. I see the "before" photo, but the "after" photo is missing!

  2. same here...don't see the after picture.

  3. Sorry Annie, I must have deleted the after picture. Please try again.....

  4. I really like that little corner shelf! I love yard sales fo rthis very reason! You find cute little things like this that you can spray paint and its only a few dollars!

  5. It looks fabulous now!
    I found it's twin at our local dump a couple of months ago! I painted mine in a turquoise blue.